Friday, March 19, 2010

Mr. Hollywood

We've taken several videos of Matthew over the last few weeks now that his personality is really starting to shine.  He LOVES the camera and always puts on a great show, so I thought I should share some of our favorites with you.

I had just poured myself my first cup of coffee of the morning and walked back around the corner to find Matthew quietly talking to himself and playing in his "toy area" in the living room.  He had completely pulled everything out of his toy bins and was happily looking through it all on the floor.  I managed to capture some of it on video and can't help but laugh every time I watch him in action!

Matthew loves taking a bath...and he especially loves bubble baths!  Here are a few videos that we took one night when Matthew was extra animated in the tub.  My personal favorite is when he tries to say the word butterfly.  It just melts my heart to hear that sweet voice!

One evening at supper (this was about a month ago), Matthew and I were discussing all the family members he loved and he was really getting excited as we talked about everyone.  Of course, in my tired state, I completely missed asking Matthew if he loved his Uncle Steve (my sister's husband).  I feel horrible, so I'll have to capture this on video again one day soon, but for now take note of how much Matthew loves Waddles (our sweet dog)!

Matthew still isn't walking on his own yet, but we bought him a new toy to push around the house and he loves it.  In my opinion, he doesn't need anything to assist his walking - he swings that toy around like a pro!

Being a Mother is the biggest blessing and a daily joy!